Glass Pipes

Henderson, IN

​Have you ever had the misfortune of running out of something you really needed or wanted and couldn't find one store that carried everything? Kelly's Food and Smoke Shop in Evansville, IN recognized that problem and made it their mission to be the one-stop shop in Evansville for just about anything. We're close by; just 10 miles from Henderson, IN. Whether you want to stock up at our Tobacco Shop on simple items like cigarettes or more exotic ones like glass pipes or Hookah supplies, a trip to Kelly's Food and Smoke Shop in Evansville is sure to satisfy your every need. At Kelly's Food and Smoke Shop, we offer an extensive variety of items, all under one roof. Whether you want glass pipes and Shisha or cigarettes and lighters, we have what you need. Running all over town to various stores for different items can really be exhausting. Why not stop by Kelly's Food and Smoke Shop and get all you need in one place. If you are a smoker, our smoke shop offers an extensive number of products. Our tobacco shop items include cigarettes, rolling papers, lighters, chewing tobacco, cigarillos, glass pipes and hookah supplies. Nothing is more disappointing than starting to make a recipe and finding out you are out of a key ingredient. Kelly's Food and Smoke Shop has every food staple imaginable. We stock all of the necessities, so we're always the place to get what you need. Do you have a huge snack food craving or just want some cold drinks? Kelly offers a wide variety of snack items and beverages for you to choose from. Kelly's Food and Smoke Shop has a wide selection of staple foods, beverages, snacks and gifts. We make it our business to stock everything our customers could possibly need or want. There's always plenty of parking choices available at Kelly's. We are open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day except Sunday. On Sundays, we open at 12:30 p.m. and close at 10 p.m. We are happy to accept cash, MasterCard and Visa.