Welcome To Kelly's Food & Smoke Shop

Information: Do you happen to live in Evansville, Newburgh, or Princeton, Indiana? Are you walking the greater Indiana area and simply looking for a cool new spot to hangout and take up a new activity? Are you interested in the world of smoke shops, hookah, and vapes? Are you one of those people that absolutely love the different flavors you can get and how relaxed it makes you feel when you take in that single puff that just fills you with so much joy? Are you an avid smoker who is bored their typical cigarettes and looking for something that can and will spice up your life? Have you always been interested in vaping which has stormed are country in a giant wave of uproar? Vaping has become such a huge part of our society these days that it has almost become an accessory like a hat or watch. Do you want to learn more about this trend or just the history behind smoke shops and hookah then you should come down to Kelly's Food and Smoke Shop for an unforgettable experience.

If you are ever in Indiana, particularly Boonville or Henderson, then why not stop by Kelly's Food and Smoke shop for a unique experience that you will never forget. Bring your friends and family and enjoy the atmosphere this quaint shop has to offer and simply relax. Smoke shops and lounges are used by many Americans these days to experience a different culture that is sending waves across the country. Kelly's is an establishment that has flourished and thrived on the happiness of its patrons and has received rave reviews. Kelly's is open Monday through Saturday from 8am to 11pm and Sundays from 12am to 12pm and located at 3012 Covert Ave Ste D, Evansville, Indiana. We hope you come on through and enjoy yourself and have fun at Kelly's Food and Smoke Shop. Learn More

Service Areas:

  • Evansville
  • Henderson
  • Boonville
  • Newburgh
  • Princeton